The (He)art Behind My Bots

I have my very own philosophy about what qualifies as art and what doesn´t. I´ve participated in numerous squabbles and discussions over the matter, which end occasionally in fistfights in museums of modern art. I´d like to take a moment here to thank my brother for teaching me the fine art of a well placed knee jerk (I´m so sorry, but you deserved it… most of the time) and society for raising most of us well enough not to respond to physical violence. Especially when it´s being directed at you by a temperamental, tiny redhead who´s become way too agitated by the sight of few dozen colorful Marilyn Monroes and obviously shouldn´t be picking on people other than her own size. For anyone interested: don´t take me to Warhol exhibitions if you don´t want me to start a screaming match with a tomato-can-print-loving stranger. I just don´t believe it´s art anymore once it´s been copied – and here´s the important bit – without any effort.

My Bots are comics. They are drawn on a tablet, by hand, mind you, because as of yet, they aren´t financially supporting enough to enable me to afford one of those luxurious tablet pens a certain fruit firm sells for the mind-boggling price of 120$, last time I checked. But they can still easily be copied. I can draw one “Happy Birthday” – Bot and send it to every one of my friends for an entire year, without having to sit down and draw one for each of these wonderful individuals. (Don´t worry, you´re still special to me, I just got busy writing this text instead!) Every time I copy and paste this Bot into a message or print it out on paper to give it to another birthday kid, the artistic value of it decreases, until eventually, in my eyes, there is nothing left of it.

The Bots in my comics are also capable of “speech”. True art shouldn´t have to explain its content, art should be able to speak for itself, without needing a speech bubble as a translator. My Bots enjoy themselves – most of the time – and I could never draw any of them in a way that would leave you, as a viewer, questioning my sanity more than usual. Art on the other hand, is mostly born out of the negative emotions that come with being a regular, fallible human being. Art is pain. The only thing painful about my Bots is the endless hours it takes to upload and download them to and from Dropbox, so I can move them around all of my froody devices.

I really wish I had what it takes to be a true artist. To capture life in a way that doesn´t require boxing it, where I can stop having to reduce and am able to make it so unique that a reproduction is impossible and whatever I have created doesn´t end as nothing but a cheap copy. But I can´t draw. What I hopefully can do is entertain. And if any of you reading this like what you see and enjoy my Bots, then that is enough for me. For now. Because there´s nothing like a good challenge in life…

Mind over what matters.
Mind over what matters.

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