Last Day to get your Gifts together!

Everyone, it is time to PANIC. If you haven´t figured out what you want to get your friends, family and pets for Christmas, then you might as well not even bother anymore. A gentle reminder of the date blasted into my morning  when my colleagues suddenly started disappearing around early lunchtime with “Merry Christmas” cheers on their lips and probably the thought of the Christmas roast on their minds.

I have a tendency to want to give nerdy gifts. Last year one of my friends barely managed a wry smile when I got her neuron earrings. So here´s my last day before Christmas gift shopping tip. Don´t get the neuron earrings. Unless you´re trying to tell the person you´re gifting they could use a little more of them. And since that is the last thing I want to do, I am off to buy last-minute … socks. Because, according to a study published in 2009 in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, a good gift needs to be:

  1. Practical. Get a gift you know the gifted will use/need, like socks! Most of the time a need for something also means it´s on the…
  2. Wish list. (Oh yeah, I know people with an unusual appreciation of weird socks.)

Psychologists, thank you for your time to inform us on how to be better gift-givers and the fact that you exist, because your work is at the very least highly amusing. I do hope you send this article to your friends and family every year. (I know I will from now on!)

And thank YOU dear readers for taking the time to understand the science behind good gifts underneath the Christmas tree. This was only a shortie (sorry), but I MUST run off now to get some last minutes Christmas presents that are hopefully nerdy and useful – I was thinking of neuron socks. Cheers to that!




2 thoughts on “Last Day to get your Gifts together!

    1. No, but I got a Lego budgie, a photography book on birds, origami paper, a drawing kit and A TRIP TO NEW ZEALAND instead! If these are the alternatives, the optical spectroscope can wait another year. 😉


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