Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

by BotsAndBrainz

Where would we be without our teachers? Most of you I assume would not be on this website, reading this science blog. Where would your scientific interest be without that certain school teacher, that friend who explained science in a way to you that it suddenly clicked, without that book that gave your curiosity a place to feast like no other? And I probably wouldn’t have started writing this blog, if not for all the things my professors, my friends, my colleagues, my family and, of course, the library had to teach me.

It’s amazing when you think about it. Every person in the world has something to teach you. You only need to be willing to listen. That’s it! It’s candy for the brain anywhere you want it! Because teachers aren’t found only in schools (though I thank my personal lucky stars for the ones in there as well). They’re part of all those situations where your mind went: “Hang on. I’ve never thought of it that way before.“ And what an exciting thought that is! Teachers are the people who made each and every one of us possible, in their own unique way. Teachers and their (life) lessons can be found in books, as the characters, or as the authors, who spark something in us we wouldn’t have discovered on our own. It’s the professor with the enlightening lecture on a topic we didn’t even know existed. It’s the friend who helps you see things from a different perspective, especially on those days when it would have been so much easier to stay narrow-minded. And instead, the mind grew!

To me, learning is happiness. It’s my home, it’s where I go to explore everything I haven’t thought of, read yet, contemplated. It’s here that I can discover a world in a book, in a class, in a human right in front of me. In my eyes, great teachers are the gift of life. So thank you to everyone who taught me lessons, life and academic ones. It’s a gift I hope to cherish best by passing it on to the best of my abilities. And I hope you will, too!

So, don’t forget to appreciate your teachers today, especially the most important ones: the people who raised you, whoever they might be. Mom, Dad – thank you for everything. You’re pretty cool teachers to have.

The Gift of Knowledge


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