Encountering Cambridge

by BotsAndBrainz Originally, this was not supposed to turn into a travel blog. Then again, I am a traveling scientist. And the city I last visited (and had some great scientific insights in), is such a classic in the league of overachievers in the natural sciences, that I feel obliged to tell you about my weekend in Cambridge. I arrived late at the station of … Continue reading Encountering Cambridge

All Good Things Must End

And here’s how to deal with it! The 5 Stages of Grief, brought to you by: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Disgruntled with the fact that medical schools  focused little on death and dying in their curriculum back in the 1960s , she wrote “On Death and Dying” (nowadays it can be purchased under the name “On Grief and Grieving” on Amazon, probably because dreary death related titles … Continue reading All Good Things Must End