Last Day to get your Gifts together!

Everyone, it is time to PANIC. If you haven´t figured out what you want to get your friends, family and pets for Christmas, then you might as well not even bother anymore. A gentle reminder of the date blasted into my morning  when my colleagues suddenly started disappearing around early lunchtime with “Merry Christmas” cheers on their lips and probably the thought of the Christmas … Continue reading Last Day to get your Gifts together!

All Good Things Must End

And here’s how to deal with it! The 5 Stages of Grief, brought to you by: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Disgruntled with the fact that medical schools  focused little on death and dying in their curriculum back in the 1960s , she wrote “On Death and Dying” (nowadays it can be purchased under the name “On Grief and Grieving” on Amazon, probably because dreary death related titles … Continue reading All Good Things Must End